Registered Charity number – 1154529

Street Collection

Ashaadibi staff & volunteers undertook a two day fundraising street collection in Tower Hamlets (1st & 2nd August) in aid of raising funds towards Mosque Maintenance.

As we all know, places of worship relies purely on donations from the public, since they're no direct government funding for these sacred places.

Firstly, we would like to thank Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) & Tower Hamlets Council for issuing us with the fundraising Permit, with such prompt service from MPS.

We were able to raise £3759.41 over the 2 days.

We would also like to thank the public for their generous donations, we are delighted to have your contributions. Through your donations we are now able to maintain Ashaadibi Mosque better and continue working towards improving our places of worship long-term.

To conclude, most importantly we would like to sincerely thank our volunteers, who were mainly young boys and girls! without your hard work and dedication it would have not been possible.

You made this happen...Thank you again! May Allah reward you all.

[Chief Promoters: Saeed Arshe, Sahra Mire & Ibrahim Ali ]